Monday, January 5, 2015

We don't count screw-ups so we cant report them ...right?

Don't document mistakes of any kind.. they never happened!

2012 Propublica article points to a review of medical records by the U.S. Health and Human Services Department’s inspector general found that in a single month one in seven Medicare patients was harmed in the hospital, or roughly 134,000 people.
“An estimated 1.5 percent of Medicare beneficiaries experienced an event that contributed to their deaths,” the IG found, “which projects to 15,000 patients in a single month.”
“You really can’t improve what you don’t measure,” said Dr. Julia Hallisy, president of the Empowered Patient Coalition. “How do you know where to focus your improvement efforts if you haven’t measured what’s happening in the first place?”

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  1. I hope that your petition goes viral (a good virus). In Australia we seem to follow what happens in the USA and Britain unfortunately instead of the Western European countries like Germany, Sweden etc who are steps ahead as far as patients rights and combining allopathic medicine with natural medicine something the English speaking countries seem not to want to know about