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Empower the public with understanding why all operating rooms simply must have video/audio surveillance, and give a means to have their voice heard. (click to sign petition)

2012 Health and Human Services, Inspector General findings. 27% of medicare patients experience medical harm, less than 8% of harm is reported to designated reporting entities. Enforcement of 2008 Joint Communion mandates for safe surgery protocols is spotty at best. 

As unimaginable as it sounds, even the basics like Joint Commission mandated, safe surgery protocols, "time outs" are ignored.

Operating rooms are NOT always a safe place for a patient, ...and NOT a safe place for surgery team members to speak up when concerns arise.  The surgeon you agreed to may not even be in the room!
Surgery reports are written to portray a well greased machine.  Too often, this simply is not true, most noticeably when things go wrong. Things go wrong way too often leaving patients harmed, and no lesson learned

Below is the result of Shelly Skalicky's elective surgery on 7/28/08.  She walked into the hospital a fully functional working adult, within just a few hours being unconscious on the operating room table, she would emerge with catastrophic, life  threatening harm, never again to even care for her own basic human functions, in need of 24/7 care the rest of her life.
She now lives with not only loss os some motor skills, but catastrophic loss of sensation, and  Proprioception (the ability of the brain to know where the body, limbs are in space). 

 The hospital and our trusted surgery team refuse to answer direct questions about any part of the care. Our half decade journey into the patient harm life, we learned just how common preventable harm and death is, and the refusal to learn from patient harm, simply by denying it exists.

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